About Us

Our Mission Statement:

To provide enlightening outreach to the veterinary industry, general public, and educational system by promoting biomedical research, quality of care, groundbreaking science, and the impact laboratory animal research has on all human and animal lives.

Vet Techs for Research, established in March of 2015, is made up of Certified Veterinary Technicians whose main goal is to educate the public about new research discoveries, as well as what really happens behind the scenes in research facilities.  Many people ask us how and why we work in research.  Everyone has their own reasons, many of which you can read in the “Our Stories” page of the site.  A common theme you will find throughout the stories is the attitude of “Who better to take care of these animals than people who love animals?”

We are advocates for the animals, ensuring that they are as healthy and happy as possible.  Healthy animals are the key to good science, an attitude that is shared throughout the research community.


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Images courtesy of understandinganimalresearch.org