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The following are links to organizations that provide great information about animal research, from past accomplishments to what’s in store for the future.  There are also links to professional organizations that many researchers are involved in.  These links are a great way to learn more about biomedical research.  Check back often, as this list will only continue to grow!


American Association for Laboratory Animal Science  AALAS is an association of professionals that advances responsible laboratory animal care and use to benefit people and animals.

“The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) is a membership association of professionals employed around the world in academia, government, and private industry who are dedicated to the humane care and treatment of laboratory animals, as well as the quality research that leads to scientific gains that benefit people and animals. AALAS provides educational materials to laboratory animal care professionals and researchers, administers certification programs for laboratory animal technicians and managers, publishes scholarly journals, supports laboratory animal science research, and serves as the premier forum for the exchange of information and expertise in the care and use of laboratory animals.”

AALAS Foundation  The AALAS foundation supports educational outreach on the essential role of responsible laboratory animal care and use in science to advance human and animal health.

“A 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, the AALAS Foundation is an advocate for laboratory animal science and research. The future of the profession and biomedical science depends on promoting the benefits of biomedical research through public outreach and ensuring that high-quality training and education programs and materials are available for those working in the profession of laboratory animal science.”

Americans for Medical Progress  Because Research Needs Advocates

“Americans for Medical Progress is dedicated to protecting your investment in biomedical research. We focus on public outreach that builds understanding and appreciation for necessary and humane animal research. We also provide vital news, information and analysis to biomedical research stakeholders to ensure they have the resources they need to deflect campaigns that threaten the future of medical progress.”

California Biomedical Research Association

“The California Biomedical Research Association (CBRA) is a consortium of academic institutions, voluntary health agencies, hospitals, professional societies, not-for-profit medical research institutions, and the major medical products and pharmaceutical companies with facilities in California, Nevada, and the greater western region…  Designated an IRS Section 501 (c )(4) social welfare organization, CBRA serves as the primary voice for the biomedical research community in the greater western region, promoting and supporting biomedical research and discovery, advocating positions consistent with the responsible use of animals in research, and conducting public outreach on the important role of research in advancing scientific knowledge and medical care and cure.”

Eureka Science Community  An online community for scientists to explore, connect and share big ideas.

Foundation for Biomedical Research

“Established in 1981, the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) is the nation’s oldest and largest organization dedicated to improving human and veterinary health by promoting public understanding and support for humane and responsible animal research. FBR is the leading voice of scientific reason and medical progress in the ongoing, sometimes violent debate that surrounds animal research.”

Kids4Research (Not affiliated with Vet Techs 4 Research)

This is a great site sponsored by the AALAS Foundation and Charles River.  The information is geared towards children, but it is a great resources for anyone.

National Association for Biomedical Research  Advocating sound public policy in support of ethical and essential animal research.

“Founded in 1979, the National Association for Biomedical Research (NABR) provides the unified voice for the scientific community on legislative and regulatory matters affecting laboratory animal research. NABR works to safeguard the future of biomedical research on behalf of its more than 350 public and private universities, medical and veterinary schools, teaching hospitals, voluntary health agencies, professional societies, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and other animal research-related firms that are:

(1) involved directly in the use of animals in biomedical research and are

(2) committed to the responsible and humane use of these animals.”

Speaking of Research Speaking of Research aims to provide accurate information about the importance of animal research / animal testing in medical and veterinary science.

“Speaking of Research aims to challenge animal rights dominance of the issue by participating in talks and debates on campuses across the country and by utilizing web-based communications tools to organize a network that can provide encouragement, information and support to all who care about medical progress.”

Understanding Animal Research

“Understanding Animal Research aims to achieve broad understanding and acceptance of the humane use of animals in biomedical research in the UK, to advance science and medicine.  The information provided by Understanding Animal Research is based on thorough research and understanding of the facts, historical and scientific.”

University of Colorado Cancer Center  A National Cancer Institute-Designated Consortium Comprehensive Cancer Center

“To discover, develop and deliver breakthroughs in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention that improve cancer care locally, nationally and globally. These efforts form the basis of a comprehensive spectrum of translational prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and outreach programs and provide a framework for training the next generation of cancer researchers and physicians.”

Colorado Cancer Blogs (University of Colorado Cancer Center)  News from Colorado’s only NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center.

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